Tuesday, December 23, 2014

WATCH: Madam Secretary: Episode 1x12 "Standoff" SPOILERS

Written by: Joseph C. Muscat
Directed by
: Gloria Muzio
Air date: January 4, 2015
When a Texas state trooper is killed by a Mexican cartel smuggler, Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) arranges an extradition deal before going on vacation to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary in New York City. However, when political issues arise around the case, she is forced to cut their trip short. Also, Elizabeth’s son (Evan Roe) injures himself while Blake (Erich Bergen) is watching him.

Dion Graham
(Diplomatic Security Head Agent Fred Cole)
Ronald Guttman
(Klaus Von Muhlberg)
Anna Wood
(Sarah Eckhart)
Peter Gerety
(Governor Caleb Lockwood)
Teddy Cañez
(Mexican Ambassadorrafael Lopez)
William Allen Young
(Deputy Secretary Of State Steven Cushing)
Jennifer Mudge
(Kelly Banks)
Sawyer Nunes
(Sam Banks)
Herman Chaves
(Carlos Ochoa)
Romell Witherspoon
(Hotel Porter)
Joe Lanza
(Militia Leader)
Juan-Pablo Veza
(Smuggler #1)
John Keabler
(Trooper #1)
Eric Engleman
(Roger Banks)

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