Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Téa Leoni Covers More Magazine - March 2015 Interview

While most of Hollywood’s inhabitants would love nothing more than to discover the elusive Fountain of Youth, Téa Leoni is just as happy to stick to water, thanks. The 48-year-old Madam Secretary star is opening up on aging in the industry — and accepting it — in a recent interview in the March issue of More magazine, below.

Years before landing her role in the hit TV show, Leoni wasn’t always as sure of herself as she is today. She shares one experience from the set of The Family Man that still follows her today.

“[Director Brett] Ratner — whom I really like, by the way — was going around telling people that despite my age, I was ‘still doable,'” she shared in an interview with More magazine. “I think I was 34 then. And he was something like 28. I asked myself, ‘Do I still care about that?’ And at that time, I did. I felt that pressure to be ‘doable.’ It was the meanest thought I’d had for myself in a long time.”

But these days, she’s only looking inward for approval. “Thankfully, I’ve moved past all that. Chasing youth is a war I’m not going to win,” she shared. “It’s not like I’m thrilled to turn around and catch my can in the mirror, but I can see now how much of my happiness could be a victim of trying to stay young and desirable. And it feels like peace and victory to be relieved of that burden.”

In fact, there are certain aspects of getting older that Leoni has come to appreciate over the years, including enjoying time with her two children. “Now when the kids walk in, I’m listening to them and just loving them,” she said. “I’m getting much better at noticing that life is good. That everything passes. I tell my children that. Think about the now, not the then or later. That’s the art.”

She’s even come gracefully to terms with the finalizing of her divorce from David Duchovny last year — though even as successful co-parents, they still have their ups and downs. “On occasion, I want to throttle him,” Leoni says in the interview. “But in any real relationship with someone you love, that’s true.”

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