Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Madam Secretary: Episode 1x19 'Spartan Figures'

Written by: Lyla Oliver
Directed by: Tate Donovan
Aired date: April 5, 2015
Elizabeth and President Dalton work together to solve the Greek debt crisis, but not everyone at home is happy with the agreement. Meanwhile, Henry mulls over a new job offer, and Stevie reconnects with her childhood friend, the President’s son.

Jason Ralph
(Harrison Dalton)
Michael Cumpsty
(Max Quinn)
Chuck Cooper
(General Mitch Sarno)
Sherman Howard
(Prime Minister Spiros Georgiou)
Josh Hamilton
(Arthur Gilroy)
Becky Ann Baker
(Chancellor Frieda Schulz)
Gavin Gregory
Marlie Hall
Andre Blake
(Secret Service Agent)
Stacey Yen
Stephen Eckelmann
(German Staffer #1)
Andy Hassell
(German Staffer #2)

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